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Report graffiti within the city of Seattle, for removal on public property, or graffiti that has not been removed from private property.

To report graffiti on newsstands, please visit

All buildings or property not owned by a municipal, county or state agency, is considered private property. It is the responsibility of the private property owner to remove reported graffiti in a reasonable amount of time.

Property with graffiti that has not been removed in a reasonable amount of time may be subject to fines under the Graffiti Nuisance Ordinance.

Call the Seattle Police Department at 206-625-5011 to file a police report when graffiti appears on your property. Call 911 to report graffiti in progress. Graffiti vandals must be caught in the act to be prosecuted.

For additional information about graffiti removal, please visit the Graffiti Removal and Prevention page.

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